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Late 18th Century Frock Coat

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Late 18th Century Frock Coat

We have been working on some prototype authentic 18th century clothing for a while that would incorporate hand finishing, authentic patterns, and correct fit, as well as value to make them more accessible to living historians.  This is our first offering in this "line" of clothing - the late 18th Century Frock Coat.  Coats constructed using modern methods and incorrect patterns sell for much more. 

This coat is made from 100% wool and features a 100% linen lining.  All visible sewing on this coat is hand done, and the pattern and cut are straight from original garments.  Expect this coat to fit as they did in this period of the 18th century, tighter in the arms and form fitting throughout the body. Please understand that before order, as this coat will not fit like most coats available from will fit correctly to the period.  The button holes are all hand done and are wide as per period styling, and the buttons are brass dome buttons.  Both exterior pockets are functional.  There are no interior pockets.  This is a very nice coat for a great price, which is our goal in this new line.  We also have waistcoats completed and will list those in a separate post.

NOTE:  CURRENTLY AVAILABLE ON IN STOCK BASIS ONLY.  IF YOU'RE ABLE TO ORDER YOUR SIZE, IT'S IN STOCK.  We will be adding to our stock once we can gauge interest and response.  

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