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Excelsior Wool Knit Under Drawers

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Wool knit drawers

Similarly to knit undershirts, the Federal army contracted to have more than 350,000 pair of knit drawers made during the Civil War.  Wool knit drawers weren't only a wartime thing, however, as examples exist today that date back as far as the 1850s and were recovered in the cargo of the S.S. Central America, that sank in the Atlantic Ocean while returning to New York City from the gold fields of California in 1857.  Our reproductions are made from custom woven 100% wool knit in the same fashion as those original examples.  They feature a cotton osnaburg placket and cuffed legs.  The wool knit is very soft and comfortable.  As with the companion shirt, these drawers will fill a void historically and functionally as wool is an insulator when dry or wet, so these will keep you safe and warm during those colder times.  And yes, we know they are expensive - but we pulled out all the stops on this one and this cloth is custom woven and paired with the period construction techniques, these were not easy or cheap to produce. We hope you will appreciate the uniqueness of this offering!

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